Volleyball is a popular sport played at many levels. As with any sport, the start and end dates of the season vary depending on the level.

College volleyball season typically starts in the fall for women’s programs and in the spring for men’s programs.

High school volleyball season for girls begins at the start of the school year and ends in October, and for boys it runs from March to May.

Middle school volleyball season for girls is from the beginning of the school year to mid-October, and for boys it is from March to May.

Club volleyball season runs from January to April, and beach volleyball season is from May to mid-July.

International volleyball season runs from May to December, and professional volleyball season is year-round.

This article will provide an overview of the start and end dates of volleyball season for different levels.

College Volleyball

College volleyball season typically runs from the beginning of the fall semester to the end of the spring semester, with each team having 20-30 games in a typical season.

Division 1 teams have a year-round commitment to the sport.

Women’s college volleyball is more prevalent than men’s, and scholarships and full varsity programs are offered by most schools for women’s teams.

Men’s volleyball programs are less common and may not be school-sponsored.

The intensity of the season varies depending on the competitive level.

Lower level programs may have a more voluntary off-season.

Division 1 schools have a commitment to the sport that lasts throughout the year.

High School Volleyball

High school volleyball programs typically run from the beginning of the school year in the fall until late October for women. Women’s high school volleyball season is thus shorter than men’s, with most teams opting to focus on one gender of the sport.

Off-season training for girls usually begins during the summer, while off-season training for boys varies by state.

The intensity of high school volleyball is typically higher than that of middle school or lower competitive levels, and most high school teams offer competitive scholarships.

High school volleyball tournaments are typically organized by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

Professional and international volleyball seasons differ from high school volleyball in terms of length and intensity. Generally, teams play more games and have a more intensive training regimen at the professional and international levels.

Middle School Volleyball

Middle school volleyball typically runs from the beginning of the school year in the fall until mid-October for girls and from March through May for boys, with a shorter and less intensive training regimen than at the high school level. The middle school volleyball season may include tryouts, voluntary conditioning, and pre-season training during summer months.

Middle school volleyball also differs from the high school level in that teams may be gender specific or co-ed and the focus may be on fun and learning the game rather than on intense competition.