Volleyball is a game of strategy and skill that requires players to be aware of the rules and regulations of the game. One such rule is the double hit, which occurs when two players hit the ball with two separate contacts.

When this happens, a referee will watch the ball’s spin when leaving the setter’s hands to assess if the setter has committed a double hit.

This article will discuss the concept of a double hit in volleyball and the judging and causes of it.

Additionally, this article will consider the occurrences of accidental double hits.

What is it?

A double hit in volleyball occurs when a player contacts the ball twice consecutively in one play, or when more than one player contacts the ball simultaneously. This can be due to a beginner forgetting the rule, difficulty in detecting double hits at higher levels, or accidental contact due to normal pass contact with other body parts.

The double hit rule does not limit a player from hitting the ball twice on their side of the net, but a third player must make the final contact. Players and referees must be mindful to watch the spin of the ball when it leaves the setter’s hands. Coaches should encourage clear communication and proper technique to avoid double hits.

The definition of a double double is achieving double-digit totals in two of the five statistical categories.

Judging and Causes

Judging of potential violations of the double hit rule in the sport of volleyball is based on referee judgment and the reaction of the ball. Accidents such as knee contact or misjudging the ball while setting can lead to double hits, but exceptions to the rule exist for blocking. Referees need to distinguish between normal pass contact with other body parts and multiple hits in a single motion.

Moreover, double hits can be caused by difficulty in detecting them at higher levels, forgetting the rule, or calling for help too late. To avoid double hits, it is important to encourage clear communication and practice good technique for overhead passing. Coaches and referees should also pay attention to the spin of the ball when it leaves the setter’s hands.

To conclude, here are a few takeaways:

  • Rule exceptions for blocking
  • Encourage clear communication
  • Practice good technique for overhead passing
  • Watch the spin of the ball when it leaves the setter’s hands

Accidental Double Hits

Accidental contact of the ball by two players is a common cause of double hit violations in the sport of volleyball. This can occur due to players forgetting the rule, misjudging the ball while setting, or difficulty in detecting double hits at higher levels.

This is especially true when passing, as normal contact with other body parts can lead to double hits. Blocking is an exception to the double hit rule, and players can hit the ball twice on their side of the net, as long as another player makes the final contact.

Communication is key to avoiding double hits, and players should call for help if they spot a potential double hit situation. Good technique is also necessary, such as overhead passing to avoid double hits. Setters must be especially careful as double hits are often called on first contact of a hard serve.

Referees watch for spin on the ball to determine if a double hit has occurred.