tips to get better at table tennis

Table tennis, from the 3rd person perspective, is two players who close a table tennis ball from both sides of the table and try to score. If you become part of the game and start playing, you will see that there is a lot of depth in the game.

You have to master your grip on your racket, understand how to serve, learn to anticipate your opponent’s movements as you try to score more points.

This article will focus on 10 key techniques that will help you make rapid progress in table tennis skills. Please note that nothing can replace constant practice and there are no shortcuts to size.

You know your racket with 10 tips on how to get better at table tennis

The way you hold your racket plays a crucial role (pun intended) as the game progresses. In addition, each club feels different and works differently. What looks like the best table tennis racket for beginners may not be the best table tennis racket for an advanced player. In fact, the best table tennis racket is the one that responds best to your playing style. If you constantly experiment with different clubs, you will hold back your progress due to different performances.

Build your own racket

In connection with the previous point, assuming you have a basic grip on the basics of table tennis, it is good practice to create your own custom table tennis racket. This way you have better control over the direction of the game and you will be better used to your racket as your skills advance. Pair the custom table tennis blade with suitable anti-spin rubber, soft grip tape to create something unique for you.

Play against a variety of players

Each table tennis player has a unique gameplay style. Some may vary in service, and some have a nuance while returning a service. Challenge your skills by playing against a variety of players. When you play against someone with advanced skills, you learn to better anticipate your opponent’s diverse actions. Regardless of the outcome of the game, watch and learn something new that you may not know before the game.

Watch other players

Life is too short to make all sorts of mistakes, so you should also learn from others’ experiences. Accept and watch games between other players. Watch their postures, hand movement patterns, the return to different types of shots, etc to understand the different methods to play. You can’t necessarily copy their style, but you can certainly do a few pointers yourself.

Watch your step

Even though playing a table tennis game makes up most of your torso area, your footwork is important to maintaining posture. By mastering and switching your footwork techniques based on necessity, you can make the most of the play area without being predictable. Professional table tennis games are fast; Hence, accurate prediction shots & ball placement requires you to be in the right place and time. Excellent footwork helps you get in the best position to take a shot and get back into your regular stance to predict the next hit.

Improve your reflexes

Fast reflexes are the dividing line between a decent player and a professional player. While practicing on the table could help you improve, but you are about to meet satiety. If you are wondering how to improve your reflexes, you have to venture out of the box. Improve your reflexes outside of a table tennis game by participating in other physical activities such as crossfit exercises and a dodgeball game to significantly improve your reaction time and thus your reflexes.

Record your gameplay

You are the best critic you can get. Record every game you play and make it a point to rewind and watch to analyze your game. Observe the corrections that are required in your posture, identify your weaknesses, your reaction to various types of hits, etc. Make a mental note of your observations and work to correct them in the practice sessions.

Find a tutor

A trainer / tutor is someone with the experience and 3rd person insight that you choosewatch while playing and suggest corrections in flight. A tutor will consider your playing style while suggesting training programs. Working with a coach helps you focus on the areas that actually need work instead of reinventing the wheel itself. While hiring a tutor is a costly affair, it is an investment that gives accelerated growth to improve your skills like no other. The time and money currently invested compared to solo training will be regained in the future.

Buy online video coaching

A cheaper alternative to the previous tip would be to invest in some online tutorial videos.