Volleyball is a sport that requires technical skill and knowledge of the different types of hits to be successful. This article will explore the three primary hits in the game of volleyball: the bump/pass, the set, and the hit/kill.

Each hit has its own unique set of techniques that must be mastered in order to achieve success.

Furthermore, this article will also discuss the various other hits such as serves, tips, one-armed saves, and blocks.

By understanding the different types of hits, players will be better equipped to master the game of volleyball.


The bump/pass is the first hit in volleyball and is also referred to as a pass. It requires focus and control in order to deliver a quality ball to the next player’s attack. Good communication between passers and setters is essential for successful bump/pass.

It should be aimed at the setter’s position and be a controlled and targeted passing. The technique used for the pass can vary from player to player. More advanced passers may choose to use a controlled bump pass.

In addition, some setters may use decoys to confuse the defense. Bump/pass is an important part of a successful volleyball team.


Setting requires the delivery of a quality ball for the attack of the next player, emphasizing maximum control and accuracy. The set is the second hit in volleyball and is usually done with a volley. It is important for setters to have good communication with hitters and advanced setting techniques can be employed to confuse the defense. Setters are like quarterbacks in that they must be able to provide a quality ball to the hitters. Some setters use a controlled bump pass, while others use decoys to create confusion. The set is a crucial part of any successful volleyball attack.

Technique Description Benefits
Bump/Pass First hit when the ball is over the net. Requires focus and control. Aim for setter’s position. Controlled and targeted passing.
Set Second hit in volleyball. Delivers a quality ball for the next player’s attack. Maximum control and accuracy. Communication with hitters is key.
Hit/Kill Third hit in volleyball. Aimed at ending the point. Aggressive jumping and spiking. Mastering all three hits is important.


Hit/Kill is the third hit in volleyball, aimed at ending the point through aggressive jumping and spiking. Outside hitters and middle hitters have different roles in this hit, as do advanced spiking techniques.

Spiking requires jumping and hitting with force and strength. Passing skills are essential for successful spikes, as well as mastering all three hits for a strong team.

Other legal hits in volleyball include serves, tips, one-armed saves, and blocks. Communication is a key factor for successful hits, as well as team-work and decoys to confuse defense.

Resources and information can be found online to improve volleyball skills.