Black and white baseball uniforms of MLB players

When we compare appearances on the field from the past two weekends produces creative and colorful uniforms, with the first incarnation in 2017 inspired by youth league clothing. That seemed to be fun.

But this year the color literally disappeared, with all teams split into two camps. One team wears white, the other black, with the home team having a choice.

MLB Black And White Uniforms

MLB payer wears black and white uniforms this weekend.

This is the third year the league has had a Players’ Weekend, but it’s the first time that the uniforms have been so devoid of color, in fact the previous two seasons gave us the complete opposite with deliberately bright and colorful designs.

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Inspired by players’ style choices when they’re not on the field, the fashionable monochromatic baseball uniforms allow each individual accessory design to stand out more than ever, “the league said in the press release when it was revealed earlier this month.”

Fortunately, the clubs wore their usual blue caps on Friday to add a splash of color to their game against the Nationals. However, for teams wearing solid white, it is almost impossible to read the logos and nicknames on every jersey. When you check out highlights from across the league, every game looks the same.