Plyometric boxes are an effective training tool for athletes looking to improve their strength and agility.

BalanceFrom boxes and JFIT Plyometric boxes are two of the most popular options, both of which have features that make them ideal for training.

BalanceFrom boxes are reasonably priced with clearly marked heights, a durable foam that reduces injuries, and easy to move and clean surfaces.

JFIT Plyometric boxes come in a four-piece set with a high load limit and smaller boxes that can handle even more weight.

Both types of boxes feature a non-slip surface, rubber feet, and stackable designs for easy storage.

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BalanceFrom Box

The BalanceFrom Box is a gold standard plyometric box that is reasonably priced and features clearly marked heights, making it easy to move and clean.

It has a durable foam construction that reduces injuries, as well as an anti-slip surface.

The box is stackable, making storage simple. It also has a easy to clean surface.

This box is available in regular and heavy-duty styles, as well as 3-in-1 sizes that can be flipped for different heights.

It can handle up to 800 lbs of static weight and the smaller boxes have a higher weight limit.

The box is of high-quality material for maximum durability.

JFIT Plyometric Boxes

JFIT Plyometric Boxes are offered in combo sets of four pieces, with a high weight load limit of 800 lbs for the 18 box. They are available to order individually or as a complete set, and feature a stackable design for easy storage.

The smaller boxes have a higher weight limit, and the non-slip surface is provided by rubber feet. These boxes are constructed from high-quality material for durability. They also boast a range of 6 boxes, with the ability to hold up to 800 lbs of static weight.

Additionally, they are easy to clean and are designed to reduce injuries. These plyometric boxes can be purchased from Amazon.

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